Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer MakeUp Trends 2011

Summer makeup trends 2011 can help you open up creativity, give you ideas for something new to do to your standard makeup habits, and keep you fresh and update on trends….. But as with all trends in makeup and fashion you have to pick out the most fitting trends for you and a look you are comfortable with. Selection of  fitting makeup colors, in addition to adjusting the approach of the makeup to go with your facial traits, age, personality, career and life style.   Some trends may not be fitting for the look you like or your personality, while others can work quite well…so like much in life, pick and choose what fits for you and adjust if needed!   But dont be afraid... try new things and have some fun with it!
If you desire to branch out and look different day to day you’ll love the summer trends of color for 2011!

Let’s take a look at some of the trends for 2011:

 Bold lips…..Red, Hot Pink and Orange…and matte making it even bolder!  The trend is to have the rest of your face looking very natural… Bold sexy lips with natural face and eyes!

Use natural soft colors or bare lips with bold eyes or a natural look.

If you’re wanting attention to your eyes you’ll like the bold pastel shadow colors trend .  Go as bold and bright as you like or as soft and natural with pastel colors.  With or without heavy winged top eyeliner.  When you are attracting a lot of attention to your makeup by using bold colors don’t forget to be sure your skin is flawless with the use of concealer! 

And of course… the smokey eye is always popular … branch out this summer with the trend to add some other colors to your usual black or grey…use colors such as blues, yellows, greens, pinks, purples…

Metallic’s sheers and pearlized colors are a wonderful makeup trend most can use… on their own or blended with some of the other trends.

Natural summer makeup trends are keeping its fame in 2011 as well.  A favorite look of mine every year!  Natural makeup can not be topped by any other look in my opinion.  All on its own or mixed with a surprising splash of color at the lips or eyes. 
A natural look that is fresh, clean and crisp for summer.  Create flawless skin with concealer and foundation if needed. Bronzer on cheeks- but don’t overdue it, use it subtly…and I like to use a bronzer as a blush when creating a natural look- or a small touch of blush, natural light earth colors on eyes,  no eyeliner or hardly any eyeliner- what eyeliner you do use can be only white liner on the waterline during the day then switching to black liner at night , also only in the waterline, black mascara on the tops and bottom lashes, then finish the look with barely any color or no color on lips or… for a change you can use these natural tips along with bold lips.

EYESBROWS:  Dont forget the eyebrows!!  Shapely, filled, clean, not too thick and not too thin eyebrows with a nice arch are even more important this summer.  Well manicured, shapely and filled eyebrows go hand and hand with all the summers trends… and in my opinion year around!  Eyebrows help frame your face, proper shape can make your eyes look larger, and give you a well finished and beautiful appearance!

Have fun with your makeup!  Use your makeup to enhance your beauty inside and out! Play and experiment with your makeup for fun and to see what you like best! Make your own personal trends this summer! ;) 

:) Terra

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